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There are Many Button-Free Activities to Enjoy!
Volunteer Openings & Instructions
Now Online – Updated Friday 12/30
We still have open volunteer slots and need your support to fill out the volunteer roster. See our new Volunteer Openings & Instructions page (updated daily) for a list. Thanks for your help !!

Thanks to all who have already volunteered this year! We still need volunteers for some 10 PM and 11 PM slots, but your support has filled up the rest of the volunteer schedule. Thanks !!

Welcome to
First Night Chatham

Come join us for First Night Chatham! We are a family-friendly, alcohol free, town-wide celebration of the arts with over 70 performances and events.

December 31st, 2018 will be First Night Chatham’s 28th New Year’s Eve celebration. It’s a full day of fun and entertainment, starting with the Town Photo at the Chatham Lighthouse at Noon, and culminating with Fireworks at Oyster Pond at the stroke of midnight.

First Night Chatham Goes Country
The theme for First Night Chatham 2018-2019 is
First Night Goes Country.

From theme decorations to special entertainment to First Night's July 4th Parade display, we'll be going Country this year.

Town Photo Available
The Town Photo is available!! Printed photos may be purchased at the Chatham CVS.

To view the Town Photo online, with deep-zoom viewing that allows you see individual faces, see the Town Photo 2018-2019 page.

Volunteer Appreciation Prizes
Thanks to the Chatham Wine Bar & Restaurant, we will have Volunteer Appreciation Gift Certificates again this year, which will be awarded to some of our lucky volunteers at the Volunteer Thank-You Party in January. More detail on the Volunteers Page.

Online Button Sales Extended
First Night Headquarters has buttons, and you can buy “Will-Call” buttons online for another day. Visit the Online Button Store page to buy.
Adult buttons are now $25 for the last three days of button sales.

Headquarters is Open
First Night Headquarters is now open, with buttons, programs, merchandise and information. 10am - 4pm Monday to Saturday; 1 - 4pm on Sundays. See the Headquarters page for more detail.

Website Improvements for
First Night 2019

New Venues pages display the schedule by venue.

New Schedule Page displays complete afternoon and evening schedule charts.

New First Night Mural page shows off the First Niight Mural that is in the Chatham Commuinty Center.

New Press page for press info.

New Connect page includes traditional contacts plus new Connect With Us! on Social Media. View First Night's Facebook feed without going to Facebook or having an ID.

Volunteer News

Help Produce First Night
Join Our Committee
The First Night Chatham Committee needs your help running this year's event. The Committee has several open positions.

We have added a page to the website describing Open Committee Positions. Please consider joining the fun and satisfaction of helping produce one of Chatham's signature events.
Or Be a Specialty Volunteer
While most volunteers work as Venue Volunteers, greeting patrons and checking buttons, we also need dozens of Specialty Volunteers who help behind the scenes, or work on a team led by a Committee member, to produce one of the First Night Special Events (such as children's activities).

Please also consider helping in ways described on the Specialty Volunteer page.

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