Supporting the Arts on First Night

First Night Chatham Committee Open Positions

The First Night Chatham Committee is the all-volunteer steering group that produces First Night Chatham each year. Anyone with an interest in helping to make First Night happen is always welcome at committee meetings, or can contact us at the email address at the bottom of this page. Read more about the committee on the First Night Chatham Committee page.

This page describes the open job positions in the committee.
Please contact the First Night Chairperson at for more information.

Midnight Countdown Coordinator

The Midnight Countdown Coordinator is responsible for overseeing and coordinating the midnight activities at Oyster Pond, excluding the actual fireworks, which are handled by a separate committee member. Midnight festivities at Oyster Pond include the Countdown Cod, an electronic countdown display, and a performance just prior to midnight. All are provided by third parties, so the job of the coordinator is work with these providers, coordinate logistics, and oversee that the event runs smoothly. Additionally, this job entails organizing a group of helpers to put up the mesh fencing at Oyster Pond a few days before First Night, and remove it soon after.

Notes: This is a new committee position for 2017. Please contact the committee for more information about this position.

Children's Art Studio Leader

The Children's Art Studio event runs from 2 to 5 PM during the afternoon of Dec 31st as part of First Night Chatham. It is held at the Chatham Elementary School (in the cafeteria). The concept is for kids to make a simple craft project that may be something to wear, or something to make noise with, during the Noise Parade event which is held at 6 PM.

The Children's Art Studio leader is the overall organizer and supervisor of the event. Click to read more detail.