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First Night Chatham Committee

First Night Chatham Committee 2017

First Night Chatham Committee and Friends   (Click to enlarge)

Paul Stuka
Sarge Slicer
Ann Hosmer
Christy and John Avery
Mary Ann and John
Warren and Victoria Chane
Ron and Deborah Clark
Laurel Cordiero
Dick and Susan Edwards
Sally Fishback
Maria Grotz
Mary and Peter Gruol
Bette Hahner
Gaylene and Bob Heppe
Janet Holden
Dick and Ann Hosmer
Carol and Peter Kolb
Joe and Susan Locastro
Anita McFadden
Bob and Joanna Noonan
John and Alice Reed
Bunny Santullo
Jack and Elizabeth Scheld
Sue and Rich Simpson
Sarge Slicer
Sally Stratman
Paul Stuka
Jennifer and Juris Ukstins
Marie Williams
Pam Williams
Sandy Wycoff

About the First Night Chatham Committee

The First Night Chatham Committee is the all-volunteer steering group that produces First Night Chatham each year. First Night Chatham is an independent non-profit organization, and the committee is not part of any other organization, such as the Chamber of Commerce, nor is it a town committee like the July 4th Parade committee. First Night Chatham is financed entirely from the sale of buttons, and the generous support of the community through donations and grants (see the Sponsors & Friends page for more detail).

Anyone with an interest in helping to make First Night Chatham happen is always welcome at committee meetings, or can contact us at the email address at the bottom of this page. The committee meets on the first Thursday of each month in September through January, and more frequently in December. As with any production effort, most of the real work gets done outside committee meetings.

While much of the preparation for First Night Chatham happens earlier in the year, there is still plenty of work to be done in December, and because that's a busy month for everyone, the organization of the committee follows the adage “Many hands make light work”.

You can see below an organization chart of the committee that illustrates all the different responsibilities within the First Night Chatham Committee. Some of these responsibilities are handled by individual committee members, and some by small teams. This chart is intended only to show the work that goes on behind the scenes, and to suggest there's an opportunity for anyone who wants to contribute. (This chart does not show current assignments or current open positions).

First Night Chatham Committee Organization Chart