Supporting the Arts on First Night Chatham

The First Night Chatham Mural

The First Night Chatham Mural was created in 2010, in celebration of the 20th First Night Chatham, First Night Chatham 2011, and was updated in 2015 for the celebration of First Night Chatham's 25th year. It is located in the Chatham Community Center, on the first floor hallway wall, just a half-flight up from the main lobby.

You can click / tap any of the sections of the mural to bring up a larger image of each panel, with title and artist information. This is the current 25th anniversary mural. See the original mural and more information about the artists farther down on this page.

The mural project was conceived in 2010 by Ginny Hamblet, First Night Chatham Entertainment chair. Noted local artist Hans DeCastellane oversaw the project and painted the centerpiece panel. His popular murals can be seen around Chatham, including the full-wall mural in the lobby of the Chatham Orpheum Theater. The work of art was donated to the Town by the First Night Chatham Committee to commemorate the 20 year old Chatham Festival ushering in the New Year on December 31st of each year since 1991.

In addition to Mr. DeCastellane, 18 Chatham artists painted one or two panels. Each artist was encouraged to use their own medium and distinct style to produce the many familiar memories of First Night Chatham. The work was done in the artists' studios, and assembled and installed by Mr. DeCastellane.

In 2015, Hans oversaw an update of the mural, which included adding four new panels, adding five more buttons, updating the centerpiece panel, and updating the timeframe for the mural from 20 to 25 years.

The original mural is shown below.
The artists who contributed to the original mural are:
  • Title: Town Photo at the Chatham Lighthouse; Artist: Hans de Castellane
  • Title: Guitarist; Artist: Barbara Schmitt
  • Title: First Night Chatham Headquarters; Artist: Kassie Foss
  • Title: Countdown Cod; Artist: Richard Clifford
  • Title: Chatham Community Center; Artist: Martha Burian
  • Title: Wood Carvings; Artist: Jay Tichenor
  • Title: Kids Art Studio; Artist: Ellen Farrell
  • Title: Fireworks; Artist: Marguerite (Peg) Falconer
  • Title: Circus; Artist: Gracia Ginther
  • Title: Church Steeples; Artist: Kim Du Charme
  • Title: Seaview St. Triangle; Artist: Ginny Nickerson
  • Title: Town Scene; Artist: Dan Brown
  • Title: Music Montage; Artist: Pati DuVall
  • Title: Hayrides; Artist: Mary Alice Eizenberg
  • Title: Bonfire; Artist: Paula St. Pierre
  • Title: Noise Parade; Artist: Linda Simonitsch
  • Title: Freddie & the Maybellines; Artist: Shannon Eldredge
  • Title: Town Profile; Artist: Tilda McGee Bystrom
  • Title: Ice Sculpture; Artist: Barbara Schmitt
  • Title: Costumed Road Race; Artist: Tilda McGee Bystrom
  • Title: Model Trains; Artist: Ed Collins
The additional four artists who contributed to the updated mural are:
  • Title: First Night Chatham Banners; Artist: Amy Middleton
  • Title: Creative Arts Center Party; Artist: tcs
  • Title: Luminaries; Artist: Terry Machie
  • Title: Early Fireworks at Veterans Field; Artist: Frances Johnston