Supporting the Arts on First Night Chatham

Food at Venues: Dining & Snacks

Preliminary Schedule, subject to change

A variety of food is offered at First Night Chatham venues during the day and into the evening. Food vendors include food trucks, local restaurants who set up in the school cafeterias, and churches that offer meals or snacks within their premises.

A list of venue food offerings will appear on this page later in the fall, and food will also be listed in the First Night Chatham program.

Food offerings in prior years can be seen in the old programs listed on the Program History page.

  • Town Hall Parking Lot
    Wicked Good Kettle Corn
    Noon - 8 PM
    Wicked Good Cape Cod Kettle Corn!!

    Dancing Spoons A Go Go
    Noon - 6 PM
    Sour Cherry BBQ Pulled Pork on Grilled Brioche, Hotdog, Grillled Chili Dog with Cheese, Triple Cheese Mac ‘n Cheese, Vegetarian Chili, NE Clam Chowder, Thai Coconut Chicken & Mushroom Soup, Jalapeño Cornbread, Warm Soft Pretzels, Cookies, Belgian Dessert Waffle with Cinnamon Sugar, Caramel Cider, Sodas & Water.

    Chatham Filling Station
    Noon - 6 PM
    Caprese, Cuban, Turkey and Figgy Pininos plus Soup and Coffee.

    Chocolate Café
    Noon - 8 PM
    Espresso Drinks, coffee, hot chocolate, pastries and chocolate.
  • The United Methodist Church
    United Methodist Church Kitchen
    Noon to 8 PM
    Crock pots full of Stews and Chowder. Hot Chocolate and bottled water.
  • Chatham Community Center - Outside
    Mom & Pops Burgers
    Noon – 8 PM
    Food truck serving Burgers, Hotdogs, BLT Sandwiches, Grilled Cheese, Chili, Naked Fries and Beverages

    Deep Water Dogs
    Noon to 8 PM
    Food truck serving Hotdogs, Sausages, chips, warm beverages. Warm Sauerkraut and Chili Dogs, Italian Sausage with peppers and onions. Canned drinks, Hot chocolate, Coffee.
  • Chatham Elementary School Cafeteria
    Branches Grill & Cafe
    Noon - 8 PM
    Pumpkin Beef Soup (GF), Hotdogs & Beans, Chicken Fingers, Jerk Wings, Rice & Peas (red beans & jasmine rice), Pulled Pork Sandwiches, Mac & Cheese, Water, Soft Drinks, Root Beer & Hot Chocolate
  • St Martin’s Lodge
    St Martin’s Kitchen — Two Menus
    From 12-3: Hotdogs with all the fixings, Chips, Hot Chocolate, Apple Cider
    From 4-7 Hot Roast Beef Sandwiches, Clam Chowder, Chips, Hot Chocolate, Cider
  • Monomoy Middle School
    You can take your food inside to the warm cafeteria
    Veteran Lunch Box
    Noon – 8 PM (outside)
    Food truck serving Smash Burgers, Fried Tacos, Grilled Chicken, Hotdogs, Chicken Tenders, Walking Tacos, Macaroni & Cheese, Chili, BBQ Pulled Pork, Cheese French Fries and Nachos, Homemade Potato Chips, Fried Dough, Soft Drinks, Hot Chocolate, Coffee & Water.

    Red River BBQ
    Noon – 8 PM (outside)
    Food truck serving Smoked Beef Brisket Sandwich with pickled Red Onion and Chips; Pulled Pork Sandwich with Carolina BBQ sauce on a Brioche Bun; Loaded Mac ‘n Cheese with Pulled Pork and Carolina BBQ sauce.

    Circus Treats
    12:30 - 6 PM (Inside)
    Popcorn, Cotton Candy, and Beverages.
  • Chatham Drama Guild
    1 - 10 PM
    Snacks & Beverages.