Supporting the Arts on First Night

Be a Volunteer

First Night Chatham is “All Volunteer”

Thanks to all who have volunteered this year. Response has been great !!

We still need volunteers for some 10 PM and 11 PM slots, but your support has filled up the rest of the volunteer schedule. Thanks !!

First Night Chatham depends on the participation of volunteers – they make the celebration possible. Last year, more than 250 volunteers helped the day run smoothly at 20 venues that hosted over 90 performances and activities. (A new Volunteers Thank-You page lists all those who helped last year.)

By investing as little as a few hours on one day of the year, you can help sustain the First Night Chatham tradition. In addition to the Venue Volunteers described below, First Night needs and welcomes all who are interested in helping as Specialty Volunteers, and on the First Night Committee.

Venue Volunteers work at performance venues during First Night, checking buttons at the door, welcoming and directing patrons to where the seats are, or where the lines are, and generally being the ambassadors of good will on behalf of First Night.

We welcome new volunteers, and look forward to seeing many returning volunteers every year. This year, an email will be sent to all last year’s volunteers at the beginning of November, inviting them to volunteer again this year. You can respond to that email, or you may use the form below.

You may use the form below to let our volunteer coordinator know of your interest; respond early so you can let us know your preferred assignment. You can check out the Preliminary schedule of events on the Program Schedule page.

And if you have friends who would like to volunteer, please let us know.

The form below is used only to start the conversation; you will be contacted by the volunteer coordinator, and you’ll have the opportunity to discuss assignments and venue choices.

Our Volunteer Coordinators are Carol Kolb and Barbara Newberry.

You may also email our volunteer coordinator directly, at

Volunteer Opportunities

The Volunteer Opportunities document lists the volunteer openings at a recent point in time, but positions continue to be filled. Use this document to see if slots may still be open for a performance you’d like to volunteer at.
Click here or click on the image above to open a PDF document.

Be A Volunteer

Save the Dates:

Dec 29, 5 PM
   Volunteer Orientation & Pizza,
   at Methodist Church

Jan 12, 5 PM
    Volunteer Thank-You Party,
   at Creative Arts Center

Volunteer Flyer:

The Volunteer Flyer is a handout to potential First Night Chatham volunteers, with talking points about volunteering.
Click here or click on the image above to open a PDF document.

Volunteer Instructions

The Volunteer Instructions document is our instructions and guidlines for our volunteers.

Click here or click on the image above to open a PDF document.

Pages referenced by form completion page, and subsequent pages in sequence

Contact Phone Number:  
I can volunteer: Before First Night
  On First Night, Dec 31st, in the Afternoon
  On First Night, Dec 31st, in the Evening
Interest Areas: Performance Venue(s) (afternoon and/or evening)
  Childrens Activities (afternoon)
  Other (please let us know more in the comments)

We encourage our volunteers to sign up for more than one shift, either at the same site or at a different venue. Think of it as opportunity to enjoy being inside a nice warm venue without standing in line!

Volunteers for First Night Chatham 2017 will be invited to attend an orientation meeting at the United Methodist Church, Main Street at Cross Street, on Thursday, December 29th, 2016, at 5:00 PM. As always, our volunteers will be treated to pizza and beverages at this meeting. Police and Fire Department representatives will brief volunteers on Public Safety, and we discuss the volunteer instructions for First Night and answer questions. The performance and event schedule will also be available for review, in case anyone forgets where they’ve volunteered to be.

We treat our patrons well, and we treat our volunteers even better. You will be invited to our special Volunteers Thank You Party in mid-January.

Volunteer Thank You Party Volunteer Party Volunteer Party Volunteer Party Volunteer Party