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First Night Chatham 2015 

will feature the return of many of your favorite acts,

plus plenty of new faces that will make

First Night Chatham 2015 Better than Ever !!

Parents Are Welcome Too!

Ryder Martin’s Fabulous Trains
Come see Ryder Martin’s fabulous train layout that will amaze and engage kids, Dads, and Moms who always wanted their own set. St. Christopher’s Church Community Room – Noon to 10 pm.  Button Free
Mini Golf
This year we have a full 9 holes available for play at the Middle School Gym – 1 to 6 pm  and a full 9 holes at the Elementary School Gym – 1 to 6 pm. Who does not love mini golf, especially in December!
Cirque du Jour
This wonderful circus is back again but now we have scheduled four performances. Not to be missed by anyone! High School Gym at 1, 3, 5, and 7 pm
Toe Jam Puppet Band
Sing and dance along with the band as they entertain with a unique combination of original songs, masterful shadow puppetry, storytelling and just plain old good fun. Community Center meeting room 12:30 pm and 2:00 pm   
A musical instrument demonstration group geared to children and schools. They play a wide range of instruments including the saxophone, fiddle, banjo, flute and more. This evening they will perform musical pieces from solos to ensembles to show how each piece works and is played. Children in the audience will be invited up, if they wish, to take a close look at the instruments and to ask questions of the musicians. This is a great opportunity to get first hand experience from musical professionals. Chatham Bars Inn Monomoy Hall – 1 pm
Children’s Art Studio
This event is always very popular, so find your way here as soon as possible. Children craft wonderful stuff, each in their own way. Projects are all child friendly and designed with great creativity. Elementary School Cafeteria 2 to 5 pm
Julie And Denya 
Julie Charland and Denya LeVine perform sea shanties, folk songs, familiar 20th century music and lively fiddle tunes, all on the theme of the sea. They play guitar, fiddle, and ukuleles, and their vocal harmonies sparkle with joyous energy. This duo has a zest for life that is contagious! Orpheum Theater – 3 pm
Face Painting
What child does not enjoy having something fabulous painted on their face? Our painters are the best. High School Cafeteria – 12:30 to 4 pm
Wood Carving 
Ross MacVicar is a woodcarver whose specialty is carving North American mammals and nature scenes out of wood with a chainsaw. With his lifelong study of wild animals and nature, he is able to turn a downed tree into a lifelike and realistic art sculpture.
Town Parking lot from 1:00- 3:30 pm
Horse-drawn Carriage Rides
Buttons are required to hop aboard a horses-drawn buggy with some other folks to enjoy an old fashioned perspective as you drive around town and wave to friends and strangers. Children love it, and we love seeing them enjoy the town! Main Street near Town Hall Parking Lot. 1:45 pm to 4:45 pm
Marcus the Magician
As a performance artist, Marcus the Magician from The Magicompany presents a hilarious, laugh-packed show full of amazing magic, wonderful audience interaction, and fun-filled humor. The fun comes from everywhere — including out of a hat — as the air is filled with animals and uproarious comedy in this magic show that will have you believing the impossible! Monomoy Hall at 5 pm
Carnival Caper
A costumed road race. Sponsored by the Chatham Squire. Tee shirts and beef stew served at the Squire after the race! Register outside the Squire at 2 pm ($10); Judging at 2:30 pm; Race at 3 pm. Button Free.
Chatham Lightfoots Jumproping
Our local talented light-footed children and their jump rope team wow the audience with their agility. Speed, double-dutch, freestyle — the whole gamut. The 2009 top ten in the nation in national competitions.  Community Center Gym – 2 and 3 pm
Button Free
Noise Parade
Join the raucous fray! Make noise any way you want. Police escort leads the parade and no will will be cited for too much noise. Great fun for kids and adults, who often wear silly hats and carry parade puppets. Start at the corner of Cross and Main at 6 pm, walk to rotary, then continue on to the Chatham Community Center area to see the Early Fireworks! Noisemakers, etc. — will be on sale at St. Christopher’s Church and the H.S. Entry to benefit the High School Activities.  Button Free
Early Fireworks
Special low level fireworks after the Noise Parade will be presented as a special treat for the young First Nighters. The show is at Veterans Field and viewing is from the parking lots and fields at the Chatham Community Center. To roll out the red carpet for Movies on Main Street. Veterans Field around 6:30 pm. Button Free
Trevor Pearson
Trevor Pearson grew up in Brewster and has been juggling professionally for over ten years, performing and instructing throughout New England and beyond. Chatham Bars Inn Monomoy Hall
Ice Sculpting
Watch Chip Koser create a beautiful sculpture from large blocks of ice. Chip is the Culinary arts instructor at the Tech School in Bourne. Recently he (and his team) took 3rd place in the World Ice Art Championship held in Alaska. Cape Cod 5 Bank -1 to 3:30 pm. Button Free 
Yo-Yo People – John Higby
John and Rebecca Higby are a real life husband and wife comedy duo that specialize in a yo-yo, hula hoop, and unicycle show. They have performed their unique high energy show in 26 countries and hold three Guinness World Records as well as the 2008 World Yo-Yo Champion title. So much fun and such amazing stunts. Community Center Gym 5 and 6 pm
Bubble Wrap Stomp
A favorite activity of many parents, too! Watch the kids show joy as they break the bubbles and make lots of noise! Community Center Gym – 1 pm.   Button Free
Town Photo and Lighthouse Tours
Show up with your family and friends and pets to pose for the Town Photo. The photo will be available at the local CVS store for purchase. A panorama gigapixel photo will also be posted on the First Night Chatham website. Have fun zooming in to see if you blinked, check out who was there, and just enjoy actually seeing your lovely smile up close. Lighthouse Grounds at NoonButton Free
For Teens Only
Gather with friends new and old for some games on the Wii and XBox 360, a poker tournament, complimentary pizza, drinks and snacks. Settle down to a movie and leave with a henna tatoo!
Chatham Community Center Lower Level 7:30 to 11:30 pm. Button Free

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