First Night Chatham Committee


Jeff Hahner and Dick Hosmer
Christine Cox
Stephanie Goley


 Dale and Nancy Alger  Sally Foster  Pam Patton
 Jack and Joyce Bakker  Carol Garey  Gail Rodgers
 Bob and Marie Becker  Bette Hahner  Dave and Julie Salerno
 Bill Benoit  Ginny Hamblet  Janine Scott
 Nancy Carroll  Larry Hamilton  Sue Simpson
 Warren and Victoria Chane  Barbara Hogan  Marilyn and Gene Sink
 Ron and Deborah Clark  Ann Hosmer  Jay Stahl
 Rich and Judi Clifford  Jay and Polly Kennedy  Sally Stratman
 Siobhan Clune  Terry Machie  Kyra Travis
 Judy Collins  Regina and Gerry McDowell  Susan and Steve West
 John Crawford  Sally Munson  Dave and Nancy Wilber
 Sally Fishback  Greg Murphy  Marie Williams
 Dee Flaherty  Linda Nixon  Sandy Wycoff

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